photo by Robin Amaral



Revelation 21

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth”

In jasper clear green, her wand

caressing the curls, carmine, emerald, the eyes

vaporizing seven p l a g u e s in the sapphire like, the blue.


She carried them all –

and the fifth, chalcedony,

the tenth, chrysoprase,

to the twelfth,

amethyst (oh

d r u n k e n n e s s

of the Lamb).


She carried the mountains

along the twelve gates, twelve the pearls,

she carried the weeds of the sea.


Children of Israel

You, of the Steppes, of the Canyon

Gypsies of Venus, People of the Trees

You, maketh ashes from a b o m i n a t i o n


“Behold, I make all things new”

The tribes worship it –

Cradle of a form

Alpha, Omega.

“For there shall be no night there”