The awkward prey and the fine poacher (from writings in the hospital – September 2012)


Once upon a time, a little staling was lost from its pride (you know, every starling has a lion inside). When resting on a shadow, a clear, fresh, windy, reed’s shadow, a man, unexpectedly, crossed his eye with the starling and sat just beside. He was a poacher and smiled like someone who has just met his pride again (you know, every poacher has a Lion inside, and every man too). This shadow rested in peace, somewhere in Asia – Chinese reeds – while grasses, in general, remained green, there and elsewhere. The starling felt afraid for a moment, but, as it was a curious and innocent starling, as it was the curious and innocent poacher, he flew around the man and came back to the resting shadow. And this is a short, sad and dreadful story, because both these two prides, starlings’ and poachers’, only met for instants – life is pretty much lived among similar beings. But I let you guess: Did the starling join his own pride again, of flying starlings with wings, or did the poacher in arms click the Big Bang? Well, there is another option: a falcon entered a room.



The poem (many options) what do you think?:



Lost little starling

pure lost from its pride

Smiling poacher

from pride-bang

Both met under a reed’s shadow

meeting prides in Asia green

and both felt pride beside a curious grass


Dreadful story

Flying starling away? Miserable poacher?

Big Bang? Wings away?


Well… a Falcon entered a room


3 Lions inside

similar innocent beings