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It said “Once upon a time”


I fingered the line

(transverse spelling by the syllables that matter)



It followed

“The princess conceded”

but for me she was prim-and-abscessed

and jaded-my-way

because in the end

“The day faded away”


Slipping through my tongue

the sibilating primal spells


junks of aural lines

taken out

like teeth by forceps





from tie to rhy



It has been prepared


those you value



those who care



nicely, the drama


of launching the craft

taking the bomb


Then you’ll be ready


for the farewell

when above the clouds only a horizon

holds in your hands the explosion


Death has no regrets

It has been prepared

The Oracle said you’re the wisest,

yet you knew nothing,


you’re only a gadfly stinging the dumb ox,

the same

that led you into the dreamery of the hemlock.


There, already somnolent,

from the first and last berth,

you called Crito and reminded him

of a debt

“We owe a cock to Asclepius. Pay it and do not neglect it!”


It was paid

and the fowl must have been served with chili

because the good God of the snake

spelt a cure that still heats.


The vessel pursues, away from the inflammation.

People ask why.


There’s blood in every revelation.


6. In check

El caballero advança
The bishpos disguise in service
Disfarseurs’ cynismo
(a miss waiting in the churchs’ alcova)
But the caballero fixes the black Dama
Meu amor – my dearest – my Dulcinea
The errante metallicarmourdura advança
“Check!” proclaima the knight
But a petit pawn eats him
The little one rejoicesgozija
No one – ninguém but she – remembers The Cavaleiro

The chalked palm


image by mobius faith

Cocks and Simians

A pincer-nail goes straight


leaving a cut

and blood


A teeth-mouth awaits the carmine drop

it then licks the lips


a brain flashes and twists the pincer’s neck


That is called Evolution

and it

is writing a book

fissuresfissures infinires




A fridge serving pancakes

sweeping frisky

–  ain’t oil

only benzene –

the diva smashed the punk

a yellow Carlsberg

bubbles a form


Sri Lanka is a flavour


Chinese giants

There’s a sword in the Egyptian hall

lifting it

–  an underworld


Fredo is coming from the Halloween

brought coconuts for a ginger

–  a slice, slashed, of lemon –

Mormon’s shit

shame and shadows

–  rubbish friendship to the score


Filigrees confettis

Bis! bis! Please, bis!


It’s 5 (pm afterhours)

time for an encore

five for the police to attend


But I had to register that unproductive conversation

With vibrants and fricatives

R’s S’s f’s fissures




cell call


membrane recognition

sugar binding


iron-bombs activated

transferable acidity


the nucleus responds

an instant message




the encapsulated cell infects

an innocent flowing plasma


immunity rewards the victim

and construes a

killing mechanism


An archer’s paradox

An archer’s paradox

Zeno said

the arrow can’t reach the target


From A  to B

you have to reach C

(C, between A and B).

And to reach C, you have to go through D

(D, between A and C).

And how could you reach D,

before E, between AD?

and F and G and so on… in between.

But here’s how it is:

from A__to__B

you’ll have to cross A__C

and then A_D

and then AE

and you just suppress the Fs, and Gs,

because there’s no space

space        space        space

in between.

The arrow just crosses the vacuum and hits the target

bumping the dumb,


It just goes through

without much thinking.