What makes a day? In relation to the 29th October…


They say Rome was taken and heads cut

cousins married and heirs were killed

– blue blood bemusing the people

either finishing with dynasties or maintaining progeny

Antonio of Kongo was decapitated by Portuguese imperialists

and the statue of Liberty was assaulted

10 000 Jews were shot

a devastating Cyclone and Delhi bombed

an asteroid is first visited and a night club burns

the list goes on making history

Maybe one day:

A roman kisses the head of a Nymph and his Greek cousin kisses him too; both were the only heirs of an asteroid’s dynasty, sons of Antonio of Kongo and of 5000 Jewish uterus; a Cyclone approaches Delhi and for that only reason imperialists burn their money playing monopoly in a nightclub (ladies smile watching Liberty from the window) – making history