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winding and rewinding

from a fixed point

a yo-yo


a claustrophobic static vacuum


a waltz with the porcelain


–  touch


Crumpled white paper

It was wrapped

in cellophane

had a violet bowknot


first I removed the bow

and found

below, handwritten



then the red layer

and I found a tag

“…you are…”


then a yellow one

“you are

unwrapping with your hands…”


and a fluorescent green

“what I wrapped with my own”


and finally a blue

“to find…”


“a ball of crumpled white paper!”

I took the ball

and asked her,


“what’s this for?”


and she said

“That’s a poem.

Let’s play with it.”


and she took the ball from my hands and threw it



(by the way…

there was a lot of coloured cellophane

all around)

White Truth, False Dilemma


White Truth, False Dilemma

Thou man, Ad Hominem,
Thou Nigger

Ad Misericordiam,
Vestal Virgin

Dicto Simpliciter,
I ic ik,ih,ahám,

Post hoc
dost Thou say?
“Mary Virgin
Sapiens Nigger
We vi vayam
your reign

Non Sequitur,
could I
thou be?
Be I be thou me?

False Dilemma
A fallacy of oversimplification: an argument in which only two alternatives are provided when in fact additional options are available. Sometimes called the either-or fallacy.
Ad Hominem
A personal attack: that is, an argument based on the perceived failings of an adversary rather than on the merits of the case.
Ad Misericordiam
An argument that involves an irrelevant or highly exaggerated appeal to pity or sympathy.
Dicto Simpliciter
An argument in which a general rule is treated as universally true regardless of the circumstances: a sweeping generalization.
Post Hoc
A fallacy in which one event is said to be the cause of a later event simply because it occurred earlier.
Non Sequitur
An argument in which a conclusion does not follow logically from what preceded it.

“I” – Word Origin: reduced form of Old English ic; compare Old Saxon ik, Old High German ih, Sanskrit ahám
“We” – Word Origin: Old English wē, related to Old Saxon wī, Old High German wir, Old Norse vēr, Danish, Swedish vi, Sanskrit vayam

Beforan – before (old English)

Thou beast – d(o)u bist (you are, German)

Additional note: This is a writing exercise and I do not hold any point of view implicit in these words, but I do consider they are a part of a (vicious)collective unconscious shared by some (many, all?) of us. Fortunately there is also a no-vicious collective unconscious.

Sioux voice

when birth

we Howahkan name him

“voice his mysterious be”

rosy cheeks still have

when teach we he


with time grow he

age we


lit today professor he

proud we


Note: this is a poetic experiment and not a stand. My ignorance about the Sioux people is absolute.

(grammar details)



did you go to Venice

where it stands the proof of water?

or did you fly to London where Jack befriends a missy?

maybe to Rio where a dancer sweeps a thunder?

or Tokyo where a mushroom spells a tonics?

I guess you stayed in Lisbon with the fate musing musing

I guess


and I say

“you go, Mr., you go”

Mr. Luna, go and write

You’re the proof, the missy-thunder, musing musing

on fate and tonics



You’re the Lunar…

Earth? Telluric


It is you

I’m talking TOO

CircumScribed friend

My friend

If you’re reading this message there’s something wrong with your immune system

The font should be “Courier New”, but it isn’t

You can’t see it


this is an undesigned message


Be careful taking your pills

one is red – don’t take it


But you can see

this is a black and white message

Do believe me!


I’m not trying to scare you, just warn


Your world is upside down

and I’m the only one at your side

making emends


Ask yourself (not me):

Do you trust?


And write IT a letter

IT will answer

Perhaps when you’re distrACTED



Cogito ergo sum


I think

I know I am

I see

An apple falls

I take the apple

with my hand and fingers

I peel it with this knife

It, is not me

I bite it, with my teeth

(a part of me)

I chew

I swallow

My cells assimilate it


The apple is now a part of me

The apple is me

Will you eat me too?

The tilted flower is asking

Flat fragile flickering


a smile

escaping behind

to the twilight zone

–  fading byes

on the mobile phone;

no waving,

no eyes, a voice that glides.


The tilted flower

is asking

where are you going