Firstly, thank you for coming

Those who sharpen the tooth

are keen to revolving interplays


What are your thoughts on poetry?

Let’s wait for cymbals of algae

holding us in derision



The lot resembles flaccid fat

and sterile surfaces, waxing and waning.

Just preserve a respectful distance



The various ranks of varied green

solely wishes and whims

promenading little fingers

by porcelains

scenting oriental teas


And what about the sea?

If I’m constipated

I ask my muse to

paint me a cavernous waste shore


What do you think of art?

When you’re about to fall

from the precipitous path

women keep come and  going

talking of Michelangelo



Between the violet and the violet

hormones about to sleep

stretched neurons about to explode

rests a human voice that wakes you

and after this the exile


And to finish: how about Pereira?

What about Pereira?

I don’t care



Source of excerpts: TS Eliot, The Complete Poems & Plays. Faber and faber ed.