The twelve Greek Gods of Olympus were assembled to discuss the future of man.


Apollo – I foresee great calamities,

but a healer will come

Aphrodite – pleasure will be his perdition,

but by art and love humanity will win

Ares – wars will come,

but peace will be reached

Demeter – I see a great famine,

but abundance will follow

Artemis – Mother Nature will suffer,

but in the end it will be saved

Athena – there will be times of ignorance,

but wisdom will succeed

Poseidon and Hephaestus in unison – fire will come from the entrails of a revolving earth, and with it major havoc,

but then tranquility will reign

Hermes – at one point man will be completely lost and about to disappear,

but he will find his way

Hera – and woman will be unable to conceive,

but times of fecundity will return


Meanwhile Dionysus and Zeus were laughing together and drinking nectar. The other gods looked at them intrigued.


Zeus- Could you believe in this, Dionysus, they think man will be saved… You should have been giving them wine instead of nectar.

Dionysus – I confess, Zeus. But I also have been told that our neighbor, the Christian God, has invented a female named Eve…  and it seems she’s intelligent. They might be right, after all.

Zeus – fucking thunders, damned Christian God… and I that was convinced he was a misogynist…