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There’s a pink realm in which I stumble

–  a mixture of mellifluous brushes

and sticky daisy remembrances

with the flaccid stubbornness of a MacDonald’s Sunday


The artificial depiction enters my dreams

and revolves my guts

leaving a dismal urge to disappear

or digress

along the candour of an immaculate white sheet

reassuring the need to overcome

a single, sung, velleity


the inexistent word is acting upon the ineffable; it revolves in whirls in the chaotic accumulation of regrets and lust.

Serpentine, it starts uttering emotions arising from the guts of the self: exclaiming, asking or merely testifying the abnormal or quotidian life.

From your skin, pupils and ears, a filigreed sensation joins the phantom poem and the alphabet realm. Absent concomitances take form, together with a scent of achievement.

Meticulous revisions of the future give birth to the deep volition of a single, sung, velleity.



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Red Cap

Every night I watch myself in the mirror

fill my lips with the lipstick, put kohl on my eyes

and go out in my Red Cap


I walk down the street

and drop a coin by the old beggar woman in the corner

(she recalls me of my grandmother)

then I wait for my big bad wolf…

the first of the night


Cities are dark, as it were the woods of my ancestries