There’s space before (character count: 18)

Time opened the doors of ample rooms (character count: 30)

where selves intersect landscapes (character count: 30)

and selves (character count: 9)


A man it’s at the middle (character count: 19)

Just between an imaginary beast and a dreamt God (character count: 40)

Every day, the gestures of bodies remind us the beauty (character count: 45)

And every day, solitude pierces the soul (character count: 34)


But I know something (character count: 17)

I know exactly the number of characters in this poem (character count: 43)

I call it “a poem and its counting” (character count: 28)

and it’s about the despair of eternity (character count: 32)


I don’t know why I’m writing this (character count: 27)

but I’m reading Kierkegaard (character count: 24)

and I like to mix things, and I don’t have much else to do… (character count: 46)


Anna (character count: 4)

I didn’t have a plan (character count: 16)

but (character count: 3)

again (character count: 5)

we’re in the middle (character count: 16)


(you reached  a total of 878 characters in this text – do you want to continue?)



There’s always something you can’t count on, right?

Like the spaces

where selves intersect landscapes

and selves