Once I had a friend Zike

who rode a wondrous bike

One day I must say

I enviously forged a plan

with my cousin Joan

To take Zike’s bike

and make it mine

Joan was an ingenious missy

all but prissy

and she came up with the thought

of calling her buddy Siccote

Siccote was brother of Coyote

and they were famous clowns

in all country towns

Cirindella a ballerina sister of Cristina who played concertina

was the brothers’ aunt

known for enormous ankle

exciting dives and terrific drives

Zike was in love with her

but he was somehow a cur

Therefore Joan asked Siccote, brother of Coyote,

nephews of Cristina, sister of Cirindella the ballerina,

to put an advert for riders of cycles

to join the brilliant Myckles Buskus

the star of the circus

Zike the curl didn’t show up

as Joan had told us

but he wanted the bike close to the ballerina

and called his friend Mishina

to reply and take the bike named spider

Mishina was a tremendous rider

and did show up and got the place

(he even has a cup and rides like in space)

But the bike was kept for Moretto

an Italian Jew from the ghetto

who had a debt from Carpicus

the possessor of the circus

who demanded Mishina nicely

to give up his cycle

And the Jew was Luchina’s pal

and gave it to this gal

who happens to be my sister

(me whose name is Pister)

Of course Luchina forgot the bike (a lost mind… only  there for Moretto)

and Spider was left in the garage

together with all my other gadgets

And to finish this libretto

Mishina with remorse

trying to avoid worse

presented Cristina to Zike

when he was painting an aquarelle…

that he named “La belle Cirindelle”

Cristina was so impressed

that took him by his hand

and sponsored a meeting with her sister

(I heard they are now Ms and Mr)

So all ended just fine

and now “spider the bike”… is mine!



For: http://dversepoets.com/2013/09/19/form-for-all-ballads/


This is not exactly a ballad, and I apologize for that. This was written a while ago, it’s perhaps naïf and poorly written, but for me it resembles what I see as a ballad and at that time it was a sort of achievement writing this. Thanks for reading.