they’re killing softly the humid trees,

following orders from Mr. Smith

who urinates in the loo” – that was the sentence

chimpanzees D

Rwanda L

stop F

– letters inquire about the States

of mind -Unite!

Since the 70’s,

when I was born,

my casual quotidian

News has changed,”

from fun to less fun to depressing to non-existent.

I’m short today. I’ve read in the New York Times that both parties rush,

and that was kind of ineffable (indifferent, if you wish).

Yes, there are subtitles in my writing, because there’s no real existence…

but yesterday yes, I was happy

watching the trees while it was raining in the city,

I was returning to the question, even dull, I admit

I’m able to watch the innocent call of the night. A blind step, born from desperation

in the end, my umbilicus preserved

and that’s!