Home is returning to the known

– it’s all that is warm, secure, trusty and other comforting words


It just stands there, waiting,

whatever the troubles of the day


I’ve many homes: a real home, with walls, and sofa, and all the necessary fixtures and fittings

and other, more poetic, homes: a cigarette, a camera, a computer, books, some websites, animals, even people

and more


But any home can be disrupted

– coldness, insecurity, mischievousness

lurking about in the shadows of the night


Yes, I’ve many fears: losing my home,

and others, like unhealthy cigarettes, hidden cameras, some websites, books, animals, people

and more


ready to disrupt





disrupted, upted, upted, upted



for now

let me return and slumber under


for: dverse – http://dversepoets.com/2014/08/12/poetics-homecoming/