The whirling


Running after ghosts

Step and step

To the top

A curse on the skin

Feathers in the air

Sun never seen


Sleeping in the night bus

From Piccadilly to Venice

Without love

Without mercy


God save the Queen

I am no mean man




Green savoir


Apples for dessert

Lettuce as main

And to begin and tame

Strawberries for the nerd


I was pursuing an ideal

Saving lambs from demons

But had to surrender

And stop being tender


It is a fatal deal

We are settled to be phantoms






She didn’t see his eyes

Flashing hallucinations

She was only walking through

Hiding the pink lingerie


She didn’t hear his cries

Sparkling adulations

She was only walking through

Above all his misery






Being sent away

By the melody

Finding a way

Through agony


It’s a matter for couples

It’s a question of pairing

The body doubles

In the ether of caring




Peace in the end


You learned the language of birds

While flying in the city

You became acquainted with cats and rats

Alone in the city


You met a fairy

Who kissed you good night


Everything made sense

In the debris of the city

No essence