En route to the summit





Green pearls roll on my hand

I focus the emptiness of the blue sky

Trembles my spine

A tear evades her eyes


Some incident in the antipodes of the world

Disturbs my meditation


I’m now everywhere

With you





Regretfully there’s nothing left

Only ruins and debris


My fate was to mirror you

My idol, my tutor

But I failed


Chaos erupted

From the flames

That sent you back to the ashes


What is the matter of an ending,

When all beginnings seem so empty?





I know

I will know

I knew


Everything was set

From past to present to future


Everything is set

Everything will be


Dare to be whole






I have a vertebra of Arabic origin

A tongue of Latin spell

A Hebraic skin

An Indian look

An Oriental gait


Read the book of my blood in all languages

And send my soul to space


Sacred is my secret name written in the stars






Touch my hand

Give me a look of tenderness

Smile with me

Be my voice

Craft the void of my sorrow with letters made of gold