mãe anos 60It’s an old drawing from the sixties

Time has passed through it

We can see it in the yellow borders

Time… Time?

I still see your strength and beauty

It was drawn by a boyfriend

No, not my father

An artist, like you

My father came later

And with him the institution…


But you were a force of nature


Oh time

Oh memories

You’re still with me

Your blood, and this forgotten drawing in the corner

That no one sees, that no one cares


Many are gone now


I can’t tell about them all


But I see you here

Ready for the future

That now it’s past

A future, a past, of much suffering

But some part of you remains

Not for long, not for long

Life is vain

Everything’s dust

Dust with a form

A form of love


for: https://dversepoets.com/2019/01/08/come-hang-with-me/