mefeedyoume – poesiatry

Poet’s Work
by Lorine Niedecker

advised me:
Learn a trade

I learned
to sit at desk
and condense

No layoffs
from this

O trabalho do poeta
por Lorine Niedecker

O meu avô
aprende uma profissão

Eu aprendi

a sentar-me nesta secretária
e a condensar

Ninguém me despede

tradução Ricardo Andrade

mefeedyoume was created in 2007 by Ricardo Andrade when the exhibition “5 New York Poets “ was presented in Porto, Portugal, and since then it has been working with poetry in different settings associating words, photography, video and audio/music and joining together different artists in various projects, being poetry the common denominator. mefeedyoume publishes only original work and unless otherwise indicated all works displayed in these pages are copyright by Ricardo Sarmento Andrade and mefeedyoume. Content may be reproduced if the source is credited.