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The move

Adrenaline rising

Legs quivering

You stretch out your arm

Still insecure

And bang!

You spot instantly the blunder.


It was just one of those moments

In which you rushed it.

It will take some time to forgive yourself.


Let’s go on

Making moves which move.


equine perspective

equine perspective

before me a distant dream

tremulous my hand




Timed verse




She cried



I didn’t see



He stopped



They smiled


She was a dolly, afraid

I was a consciousness, straight

He was a handicapped runner

They were only watching… IT




She cried



I didn’t see



He stopped



They smiled

Nobody waited

Nobody was

Disguised emptiness fooled the spirits

Who prayed to God for hope



Nobody is

Nobody cares

As time goes by

goes by








Nonsense verse is running

Running verse is nonsense

She cried

I didn’t see

He stopped

They smiled

and you are a sleeping tide



Now I appreciate you

Simple and limpid

As pure water from the mountain river

Without much, or many, or a lot

Scarce and thin

Like a red poppy kissing the gust

Both gelid and warm

Serious and tender

I read in your lips

My first ending

– An encounter with Truth

A digressing from delusion



In the blink of a fresh eye




Home is returning to the known

– it’s all that is warm, secure, trusty and other comforting words


It just stands there, waiting,

whatever the troubles of the day


I’ve many homes: a real home, with walls, and sofa, and all the necessary fixtures and fittings

and other, more poetic, homes: a cigarette, a camera, a computer, books, some websites, animals, even people

and more


But any home can be disrupted

– coldness, insecurity, mischievousness

lurking about in the shadows of the night


Yes, I’ve many fears: losing my home,

and others, like unhealthy cigarettes, hidden cameras, some websites, books, animals, people

and more


ready to disrupt





disrupted, upted, upted, upted



for now

let me return and slumber under


for: dverse –

Today’s war

Today I’m going to write a sober poem

Call things by their names, name a poet: Confucius

Yes, not

confused. Confused?


But as I said, today I didn’t drink.

It’s true that

Israel is fighting the Hamas, and some planes have crashed.

That’s for sure.


And today was one of those in which I said no to a girl.

A simple girl that cried and was about to breaking my heart.

But I was the one who broke a heart. Today I abandoned a girl in exchange of a safer life.

Today I chose security. Am I sorry about that?


But let’s talk about the word “today”. Let’s take some advantage from the fact of being sober.

As you know, today had 24 hours and countable minutes and seconds. Today had a sunrise and a sunset. Somewhere it rained. People ate and drunk and peed. Animals too, that’s for sure.

Today had its date on a few different calendars, and its proper moon, as it’s proper for every day.

Today had its alpha and its omega. Yes, today began and finished. Smart people wrote poems and the rest of us simply breathed, and did all the other ordinary things I mentioned before. Etc. etc.


In fact, we know many things about today.


But one can ask: is there something special about today?

And then all the selves that populate this planet take their sit:

Today I married. Today my father died. Today I got a job. Today I fucked my shoulder. Today I wrote a poem… Well, it doesn’t really matter.




What matters is this sober poem in homage to the innocent victims of WAR.

A sober war

bien sûr

qu’il y a…

Homo significans


I draw a form from the closet

– it doesn’t stand for itself.

I look at the signifier – I touch it, I smell it –

and suddenly the signified raises in the conscience.

I take the concept for the form. I reach the sign.

Yes, I drew a question out from the closet

– it didn’t question itself.

I looked at the question mark – I felt its weigh, I measured it –

and finally the question emerged clear.

Did I reach the problem of the form,

did I understand the sign of the question?

Did? I?

I’ve waked, but I’m still sleeping

I watch myself in the mirror, but I don’t know why

Vegetating, in a dream that floats over two worlds

That invade each other

I’m confused with this dawning

With the serene dew outside

With this body at my side


I struggle at becoming

Benumbed in this morbid recess

Wondering about this unreal woman

Who unveils another reality: a far off landscape

Of old trees and flowers

Where my being wandered once

But the wind sweeps the fumes, and the ashes of death

That don’t belong that forest

That forest like a vision

Of a disillusioned soul

The blend of time

they’re killing softly the humid trees,

following orders from Mr. Smith

who urinates in the loo” – that was the sentence

chimpanzees D

Rwanda L

stop F

– letters inquire about the States

of mind -Unite!

Since the 70’s,

when I was born,

my casual quotidian

News has changed,”

from fun to less fun to depressing to non-existent.

I’m short today. I’ve read in the New York Times that both parties rush,

and that was kind of ineffable (indifferent, if you wish).

Yes, there are subtitles in my writing, because there’s no real existence…

but yesterday yes, I was happy

watching the trees while it was raining in the city,

I was returning to the question, even dull, I admit

I’m able to watch the innocent call of the night. A blind step, born from desperation

in the end, my umbilicus preserved

and that’s!